Casual Golf

If you enjoy a casual game of golf and not a current member of a golf club, you can register with New Zealand Golf as a casual player.

Why Register as a Casual Golfer?
When you register you will receive the following benefits:

  • 7 digit ID  and My Golf profile
  • Ability to return scorecards
  • Ability to view scores online
  • Have an average score indicator
  • Ability to log onto LOVE Golf Play a new platform to purchase tee times and green fee vouchers (available soon).

To get all of these benefits the casual golfer will register at either or You will receive an email which will give you a new unique 7 digit ID and login details to your My Golf profile page. From there on you will be able to put your 7 digit ID on their future scorecards to have your scores recorded.

Returning Scorecards

As a casual golfer, you will be able to write your new 7 digit ID on your scorecards and return them at the golf club where you played your round of golf.

View Scores Online

You will see all their scores online in your own My Golf area and be able to comment on friends scores (both current members and causal golfers). The information you will see will be limited compared to a golf club member, but you will be able to see Course Played, Date and Score. You will not be a able to see Slope, Course Rating, Handicap Differential, Projected Handicap nor anything of the detailed information a golf club member can see in their handicap record. However if you decide to join a club in the future, this historical information will immediately become live, giving them you a registered handicap straight away.

Average Score Indicator

An average score indicator will be live for all causal golfers after you have played more than two rounds. It is simply the average of however many scores you have had entered. The average score indicator does not take into consideration the par of a course or difficulty. It is a simple benchmark that casual golfers can use to try and improve their golf and to encourage you to play more.

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