Hole By Hole

Pakuranga Golf Club

The Course, Hole By Hole

Hole 1


Blue Tee 477m Par 5
White Tee 468m Par 5
Yellow Tee 438m Par 5
Green tee 302m Par 5

Out of bounds down left side of fairway. Precise approach shot required as elevated green which slopes away from fairway. If flag is in bottom section of green then it is wise to play for centre of green. Bunkered front right (2).

Hole 2


Blue Tee 311m Par 4
White Tee 304m Par 4
Yellow Tee 300m Par 4
Green tee 188m Par 4

Elevated tee,  with dog leg right around poplar tree. Green has right to left slope so aim right of pin with approach shot. Bunkered front left  and middle right.

Hole 3


Blue Tee 358m Par 4
White Tee 330m Par 4
Yellow Tee 294m Par 4
Green tee 203m Par 4

Sharp dog leg left and unless you are a big hitter it is foolish to cut the corner. When pin is in bottom half of the green, leave your approach below the flag.


Hole 4


Blue Tee 367m Par 4
White Tee 335m Par 4
Yellow Tee 293m Par 4
Green tee 202m Par 4

Drive down left side of fairway. Anything right of centre will run off further right. Large green so up to two clubs difference between front and back of green. Bunkered rear right.


Hole 5


Blue Tee 294m Par 4
White Tee 279m Par 4
Yellow Tee 262m Par 4
Green tee 164m Par 4

Short par 4 with dog leg right to left. Fairway bunkers, right side at 90 metres and left side 30 metres from green. Very little room between back of green and ‘trouble’. Green slopes away to the left. Bunkers front right and back right.


Hole 6


Blue Tee 101m Par 3
White Tee 101m Par 3
Yellow Tee 101m Par 3
Green tee 98m Par 3

Short par 3 and the easiest hole on the course. Be happy with centre green when the pin is on the left side of green.


Hole 7


Blue Tee 362m Par 4
White Tee 353m Par 4
Yellow Tee 282m Par 4
Green tee 180m Par 4

This hole usually plays directly into the predominant south westerly wind. Drive left of centre gives best approach. Some subtle breaks on this green. Bunkers right (2) and left.


Hole 8


Blue Tee 168m Par 3
White Tee 120m Par 3
Yellow Tee 125m Par 3
Green tee 86m Par 3

Straight forward par 3 to smallish green. Better to be a little long than a little short as ball will roll back off green if only on front edge. Bunkers front left and centre right.


Hole 9


Blue Tee 406m Par 4
White Tee 400m Par 4
Yellow Tee 400m Par 5
Green Tee 291m Par 5

Long par 4 for men and solid par 5 for women. Tree-lined fairway but is wider than appears from the tee. Flat green and when pin is at the back it can be further away than appears from around 90 metres out.


Hole 10


Blue Tee 369m Par 4
White Tee 359m Par 4
Yellow Tee 342m Par 4
Green Tee 227m Par 4

Fairway narrows the further up the fairway your tee shot is. A lofted approach is required as a narrow gap if attempting to ‘run’ the ball into the green. Long green with subtle breaks. Bunkers front right and left (3).


Hole 11


Blue Tee 195m Par 3
White Tee 161m Par 3
Yellow Tee 140m Par 3
Green Tee 100m Par 3

A solid tee shot is required to carry all the way to the large green. Green slopes away towards the road. A very challenging par 3 from the men’s blue tee when strong south westerly wind is blowing.


Hole 12


Blue Tee 351m Par 4
White Tee 344m Par 4
Yellow Tee 290m Par 4
Green Tee 160m Par 4

Out of bounds and tree trouble down the right side of fairway plus a fairway bunker. Further bunker in centre of the fairway,  50 metres from green. Approach shot into the narrow green entrance should be slightly right of pin as the green slopes right to left. Bunker on the right side between green and out of bounds.


Hole 13


Blue Tee 455m Par 5
White Tee 442m Par 5
Yellow Tee 388m Par 5
Green Tee 307m Par 5

Second shot should be left of centre to avoid  blind landing area with two fairway bunkers. Wide but little depth in the green of two levels. Sometimes wise to play for right side of green to take left hand front bunkers (2) out of play.


Hole 14


Blue Tee 426m Par 5
White Tee 415m Par 5
Yellow Tee 407m Par 5
Green Tee 251m Par 5

Straight forward and short par 5.More ground than appears between bunkers and narrow green. Bunkers left front and right front (2).


Hole 15


Blue Tee 426m Par 3
White Tee 415m Par 3
Yellow Tee 407m Par 3
Green Tee 251m Par 3

Usually plays directly into the wind so take one club more. Ball will often roll back to bottom of gully when short of green. Bunkers right (2) and back centre.


Hole 16


Blue Tee 426m Par 5
White Tee 415m Par 5
Yellow Tee 407m Par 4
Green Tee 251m Par 4

Par 5 dog leg right for men and slight dog leg left par 4 for women. Precise lofted approach shot required as narrow green. Don’t be short when pin on right as ball will roll back off the green. Pot bunker front right.


Hole 17


Blue Tee 363m Par 4
White Tee 357m Par 4
Yellow Tee 291m Par 4
Green Tee 185m Par 4

Drive right of centre gives best approach and avoids fairway bunker on left. Two tiered sloping green and very desirable for approach shot to be on correct level. Bunkers on right (2).


Hole 18


Blue Tee 410m Par 4
White Tee 357m Par 4
Yellow Tee 291m Par 4
Green Tee 185m Par 4

Narrow landing area with tee shot between trees on left and fairway bunker on right. Some ‘dead’ ground in front of flat green so measure closely from distance markers. No bunkers but, other than front, green is completely mounded.